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Air Pressotherapy Lymphatic Drainage

As we grow older more toxins are trapped and build up in our cells. Body fluids become thicker, our constant renewal process slows down and self-cleaning become more difficult. The lymphatic system plays a fundamental role in clearing immune debris from the tissues of the body. Effective liver restoration and tissue detoxification is dependent on the immune and lymphatic systems. Poor lymphatic function promotes toxin accumulation.

Pressotherapy Lymphatic Drainage Computerised Air Pressure Massage delivers a light rhythmic pumping movement via a specially designed body suit that effectively reduces water retention and creates instant centimetre loss as well as improving vascular and lymphatic circulation resulting in detoxification and oxygenation of the tissues.
With anti-cellulite body wrap this treatment is particularly recommended for cellulite and heavy or tired legs, swollen ankles and other similar conditions. The cumulative effect of 8-10 treatments results in improved metabolism as the waste products are eliminated from the deep tissues and fast-flushed from the system via the kidneys.

Relax to the soothing sound of water cascading from the waterfall in our garden while you lie on a gently vibrating flexi-bed with aromatherapy eye covers, absorbing the tranquil atmosphere.

After the wrap is removed you can feel, see and measure the difference. You can lose 10 – 20 centimetres in the first treatment, and feel relaxed and rejuvenated. Post–treatment toxins found in urine are often 10 times higher then usual.

Continued application of the Appearance Body Sculpting Cream at home will result in firmer, tighter body skin.
Joanna has treated thousands of people over the last 14 years. Some people experience a total circumference reduction of 75-105 centimetres after 10 treatments.

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This treatment is very beneficial after long plain flights as it reduces discomfort and swelling of the legs. Joanna frequently treats flight attendants and travellers.

Lymphatic Drainage Air Pressure Massage 1 1/4 hours
(40 minutes treatment time) Cost: $ 70.00

Course of 10 treatments prepaid $65.00 each

Lymphatic Drainage Air Pressure Massage 1 1/2 hours
(60 minutes treatment time) Cost: $ 99.00

Course of 10 treatments prepaid $90.00 each

Acupuncture points are all linked along energy (ki) pathways known as Meridians, whose unobstructed flow is vital to good health.
Acupuncture treatment to balance the vital energy (ki) flow in the Meridians will help you to lose weight more effectively. When the ki in the stomach Meridian flows freely the body weight is balanced naturally. (Private health fund rebates available)

For controlling cravings and appetite Joanna suggests auricular (ear) acupuncture by laser and post treatment point stimulation.
Auricular (ear) acupuncture points are selected based on "organ" theory of Chinese Medicine and clinical experience.
For instance, the stomach and spleen are organs of the digestive tract that play a main role in the digestive function (the "Spleen point" and the "Stomach point").

The "Hunger point" has the function of curbing the appetite and eliminating hunger. "Shenmen point" which regulates the function of the cerebral cortex, is used for tranquility and sedation, also this point affects the digestive function. The "Mouth point" also has the function of regulating the appetite.

The press needles are inserted in the selected points and taped in place in the ear for 3 - 4 days. Ball bearings can replace the needles, which don't require insertion. This procedure lasts from 3 - 6 weeks until the series of 10 treatments of lymphatic drainage is completed.

Clients are advised to press the needles (ball bearings) in the ear three times daily for 30 seconds each time, and whenever they have the desire to eat between regular meals.

Inability to lose weight effectively can contribute to many factors such as insulin resistance, hormonal imbalance, stress, poor liver detoxification and acid/alkaline imbalance.

People with high acidity often develop cellulite and experience difficulty in weight loss,
even with a moderate calorie intake. The reason is that the fat in the body binds
the overflowing acids and toxins. Your body simply dumps these poisons into fat cells
in order to protect your organs and fluids. Cellulite that appears as fat dimples is the
storage place of these toxins.

Urine pH and saliva pH tests are indicators for acid/alkaline balance in our body.
Now Joanna can offer you this complimentary test to check your acid /alkaline balance.



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