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Inside the issue:

The following is meant as information only, for any health issues please consult a registered health practitioner.

From the Editor's Desk

As a result of the resent national regulation of Chinese Medicine, any person who wishes to practice acupuncture and Chinese Medicine in Australia, must now be registered with the Chinese Medical Board of Australia.

I have obtained the Certificate of Registration, which enables me to legally practice Acupuncture and I am certified by the Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency, as a Chinese Medicine Practitioner.

I have completed training in Australian Bush Flower Essence s, and also in the body work therapy called Dorn Method which has been of great benefit to many of my clients with back pain.

New slimming and detoxifying methods have been introduced to my treatment menu, which now includes the new revolutionary Lipo Laser and Ultrasound Fat Cavitation, as well as Radio Frequency Skin Tightening and Infrared Lymphatic Drainage are becoming one of my most popular treatments.

My 23 years as a practitioner was highlighted by being recognized by the Worldwide Who’s Who, as Professional of the year in my fields, of Healthcare, Acupuncture, Beauty and Wellness.

This year my clinic will close on the 24th of December and will reopen on the 2nd January 2014 at 9.00 am, and closed for a week from 27th January to the 4Th of February, so Please make sure you are well stocked with the products and herbs you are using.

At this special time of the year, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my past and present clients, colleagues and friends for their tremendous support during the year of 2013.I also sincerely wish all of you a very merry Christmas & healthy, happy and a prosperous New Year.

Be as beautiful on the outside as your spirit feels inside.

What does your face tell you?

Our face is the first thing we show to express our self to the world. Professionals such as dermatologists or beauty therapist will express their interest in the skin pathology, or physiology.

In our first contact with somebody in person or of their picture we can say a lot about that person. First of all the eyes can tell us a story, are they sad, or sparkling with happiness and enthusiasm, what about the person’s bone structure, skin color, temperature, luster, expression lines and wrinkles. Face reading is a whole new discipline but for the trained oriental medicine practitioner the meaning is very specific that allows to classifying that person to one of the five constitutional archetypes. Why five? Because each archetype represents the characteristics of one of the five elements Metal, Water, Wood, Fire or Earth. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine theory, these five elements of nature represents the energy of the internal organs in the body,. . Using my diagnostic skills, I am able to define the energetically deficient organs in the body in order to strengthen them. The network of yin and yang meridians or energy pathways carries the life giving Qi in the never ending loop around the 24 hr clock. It is not coincidental that face is the place where all the yang meridians ends, or starts. As an oriental medicine practitioner I am able to tell a lot about a health issues by carefully examining patient’s face. I make a diagnosis, based on the pulse, differentiating the symptoms and treating the underlining, constitutional problems that led to the health problem and/or preventing the natural healing process. With the inevitable progression of the aging process, the energy, Jing of Water-Kidney significantly declines, bringing symptoms like, gray hair, loose teeth, deafness and wrinkles etc. Treating the underlined condition, especially the kidney deficiency is the best anti-aging approach and combining this with aesthetic therapies such as holistic facials, skin tightening, infusion of cocktail of vitamins and hialuronic acid with pure oxygen and LED bio-light therapy, as well as feeding the skin from the inside with the correct supplements and dietary choices, provides powerful anti-aging outcomes. I am very passionate and dedicated to give my clients greater vitality and help them to look years younger than their calendar age.

As a result of many years of training, I have accumulated a wealth of experience and knowledge in western beauty therapies, as well as in the field of Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture, Acutonics and Ayurvedic Medicine.

I believe by embracing what I consider to be the best in both traditional anti-aging and alternative medicine allows me to provide the most holistic approach to renew spirit ,preserve beauty, restore health , increase vitality, and enhance longevity of my clients.

I also educate my clients in clinic as well as the public, on the radio broadcasts, by raising the awareness of the alternative approach to empower beauty, by noninvasive means, enabling them to look their best naturally.

Herbs (nutrients) corner

After my recent radio broadcast I had numerous responses requesting additional information about the tremendous power of systemic enzymes.

The Japanese made VitalzymX, systemic enzymes liquid capsules with their enteric coating, is my solution to chronic health issues, as it aids in purifying the blood, dissolving fibrous tissues, fighting pathogens and increasing the immunity, but best of all, it is not destroyed in the acidic environment of the stomach, due to the acid resistant enteric coating, that is released and absorbed in the small and large intestines. For more information please read the article by William Wong What Are Systemic Enzymes and What Do They Do?

If you believe I may be able to assist you, by providing additional information, I would be pleased to arrange an appointment at your earliest convenience.

Please take care of yourself because if you don't have your health, then what do you have?

Love and Light

Your questions and comments are very welcome.

Send me to a friend!

19 Swinburne Street, Lutwyche. Phone (07) 3857 5722

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