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The following is meant as information only, for any health issues please consult a registered health practitioner.

An Open Letter

The Machines That Peel Off Centimeters While You Lie Down & Enjoy It

You’ll Just Love The Way That The Slimming Treatments Work!

  • Are YOU sincerely interested in your health improvement?
  • Do YOU wish to posses more energy?
  • Do YOU experience weight gain, water retention, cellulite or puffiness and swelling around the ankles and knees?
  • Are YOU prepared to make the appropriate lifestyle changes and make a genuine commitment to sustaining these changes?

 If so, this will be the most important message you’ll ever read!

My anticellulite Dermosonic method and Lymphatic Drainage Air Presso therapy are a winning combination that always delivers excellent slimming results, each and every time.

What other people say about Joanna’s slimming treatments

“What can I say- not only have I lost 46 cm all over I have also enjoyed the relaxation from work during the day.
 I lost 11 cm of my hips and the same off my buttocks, which was excellent, but I lost 4 cm off my knees, which had started to go very flabby with age & lack of exercise.
The clinic has a relaxing atmosphere and is very professional & although I thought it would never work, I am impressed that this system has never been used before or even heard of either. I would love to start this up in NZ to show my family what an excellent form of weight loss.”
Bronwyn P

 “…It was amazing that just after one session how many centimeters I lost.
It was a total of 19 cm. I was just over the moon, because I have finally found a treatment that delivers results.
 I have had a few treatments and the centimeters just keep falling off. ”
Rita H.

“I lost in excess of 10 cm off my waist, in excess of 12 cm off my hips, in excess of 9 cm of my thighs – over three weeks, 11 visit schedule.
My eating habits were not affected; however I consumed no alcohol during this period but drank between 10 and 12 glasses of water per day.

 I would recommend the treatment to anyone who has problem areas of fat as the results shown indicate a high success rate.” 
Bob G.

So stop making excuses and take care of your body- it needs to last you a lifetime

Get the body you always dream of - try this genuine, safe, proven and unique way to better health, flatter abs & trimmer waist.

My amazing limited offer

If you are within the first 50 people to phone my clinic and make the booking you can receive,

  • One hour of DERMOSONIC treatment and 65 minutes of LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE PRESSO MASSAGE that detoxifies your entire body and removes the unwanted cellulite and inches. Here’s what this means:

  • On the first visit, I will take measurements of your problem areas using an exclusively designed device to ensure unbiased measurements before and after the treatment.

  • You will receive figure consultation and individual treatment plan.


  • First step - I will apply anti cellulite gel and commence the Ultrasound (U/S) that will melt the fat cluster fibrosis and liberate the nodules.

  • Second step – The sensitivity test that determines your comfort zone, followed by the negative (vacuum) massage called Non Invasive Subdermal Therapy (N.I.S.T.) that decongests, oxygenates and nourishes the tissues, and moves the fat deposits from the problem areas.


  • I will wrap you tightly with special contouring-concentrate cream and you will experience 65 minutes of light rhythmic air pumping pressure massage delivered by a uniquely designed body suit. There is no discomfort - you will be totally relaxed during this treatment.

  • The massage creates rhythmical squeezing movements starting from your feet towards the waist. It improves the vascular and lymphatic circulation and tissue oxygenation, resulting in the removal of excess fluids, toxins, and fat via liver, kidneys and bladder.

This process helps to reduce cellulite and leads to tightening of the skin and restoration of the tissues on your stomach, thighs and buttocks.

  • You will experience comprehensive personal care by me, a registered health care practitioner.

  • All the latest scientific research has been gathered together to design an appropriate Chinese herbal formulation to improve the efficiency of your digestive system, boost your metabolism and control your sugar cravings NATURALLY.

  • You don’t receive your treatments in the confinement of a cubicle like most clinics, but in a private, open spaced area, surrounded by ambience, with a view to a tropical garden, with music therapy to put you in the mood for the numerous treatments on offer.

If fear or skepticism is stopping you, I want you to realize there is no risk in participating in these treatments, because if you don’t lose a minimum 10 centimeters overall in your very first session you will receive that treatment 100% free. Guaranteed!

Don’t delay - the free bonuses will be yours if you call for an appointment right now.

  • A FREE video demonstration session.

  • A FREE dietary consultation and advice on individual supplements required to balance your eating habits

  • A FREE anti-stress aromatherapy eye cover and gentle, sequential bed massage with soft sound therapy during the treatment session.

Take this fantastic opportunity and be one of the first 50 lucky clients

Call me on 38575722

 And before you know it, you’ll look in the mirror and see a thinner you. Your friends will compliment you at parties… heads will turn, and you’ll feel more confident than ever before. Imagine easily fitting into those old jeans that are simply too tight right now.

If you delay your decision you could miss out.

PS. Remember, if you book the appointment within the next 20 days and are one of the first 50 caller s... You’ll also receive:

  • A FREE superior exfoliating mitten and 20% discount if you book and prepay for  12 combo sessions (Saving  $ 562.00 ) and

  • Two FREE treatments (value $60.00) of painless ear acupuncture, using a laser beam that will help control your appetite and cravings, balance your hormonal responses, and calm your mind.

You will leave the clinic with a small ball bearing taped to specific appetite control points on your ear.

If you experience the desire to overeat, simply stimulate the points by pressing the ball bearing for 10 sec, this will help to make the cravings disappear.

But you must not delay. Act now while there is still time!

Go to my website home page www.joannasclinic.com.au to view much more. 

 You won’t be disappointed, so make your appointment now. I will be delighted to treat you with friendliness and the courtesy you deserve.   

Gift vouchers are available and recommended!

Thank you
Joanna Burton B.H.Sc (Ac)

Tips for the Summer.

The hot Queensland weather challenges us to acquire strategies for preventing accelerated aging and skin damage. These tips are important for most of the year not only for summer skin protection and rejuvenation.

Tip # 1: Hydration.
Water keeps your skin plumped up and is necessary for your body to produce energy for digesting, absorbing, transporting nutrients and eliminating wastes and toxins from the cells. If you don't drink enough water, your cells will be less able to receive the nutrients they need for energy. Even moderate dehydration decreases the resting metabolic rate resulting in weight gain of two pounds every year. To stay well hydrated 8 – 10 glasses of pure water is recommended.

Tip # 2: The villains.
The latest medical research reveals that inflammation is the key to the whole process of every disease and ageing. Consumption of high Glycemic Index (GI) carbohydrates can be linked to accelerated ageing, weight gain and a host of degenerative diseases. This diet-driven inflammation leads to small cumulative changes in your proteins (such as collagen tissues) due to the glycation process that cross-links the collagen fiber, giving birth to wrinkles.

If you like to keep your body swimming suit slim, taut and terrific, and your face younger looking, you must cut down on snacks that contain carbohydrate; dietary sugar and starches such as: ice cream, soda, breads, pasta, cereals, bagels, pastries, rice cakes, potato chips, pretzels, cookies, cakes, puddings, desserts, juices and similar foods. These all cause rapid elevation in blood sugar, resulting in a burst of age accelerating cellular reactions.

 Also stay away from corn-based foods. Corn contains omega-6 fatty acids, which have been found to increase cancer growth. Also corn and soy are often genetically modified crops.

.Tip # 3: Detoxify
Before making your New Year resolutions you may consider the detoxification of the cumulative effect of all these villains so popular in the festive season

Following is the list of detox treatments available in the clinic:

  • Scandinavian sauna  called ‘Detox Box’ is very beneficial for sweating out  the environmental toxins especially of heavy metals such as led, mercury etc, as well as improving skin tone, reducing cellulite and assisting in weight control.
  • Salt glow body treatment - full body scrub using sea salts sourced from the lowest depression of the Earth, the Dead Sea - the richest source of natural minerals and trace elements.
  • Dead Sea mud wrap called “Cleopatra’s secret”, works as a big poultice that draws out the toxic deposits stored in the adipose tissue as well as infusing the broadest range of minerals (the same minerals found in the ocean and in human blood). The benefit is equal to a six hour swim in the ocean.
  • Lymphatic drainage air pressomassage treatment that effectively targets cellulite deposits and lymphatic congestion, thus clearing cellular waste and helping to decongest the vascular and lymphatic circulation, resulting in detoxification and oxygenation of the tissues.
  • Acupuncture and Chinese herbs were used for centuries as an effective detoxification method. They can control the level of hormones such as cortisol and insulin etc and increase the level of neurotransmitters such as serotonins and endorphins as well as strengthening the immune system, the foundation of your wellbeing by focusing on the “primary deficiencies” of the prenatal, constitutional level of you health.
  • Joanna’s Holistic Facials. Especially the Dermosonic Lymphatic Facial, releases congestion in specific “neurolymphatic reflexes” along the stomach, large intestine and gallbladder meridians and helps to eliminate impurities from the body and face. This facial is especially effective for puffy eyes, swollen face, blemished, pigmented or acne skin.
  • Dermatherapy treatment is especially beneficial for people with acne. The treatment combines with targeted Bio-Pacific skin care product drowning out the toxic deposit of inflammation, giving progressing improvement of the condition.

Tip #4: The skin

After the winter months our skin needs extra attention because prolonged exposure to the wind and cold creates dehydration and dryness.
 Let Joanna take TLC of your face. Deluxe or Luxury Facials delivers outstanding result.

20 minutes of outdoor activity is the healthy way to ensure the required daily dose of vitamin D. Make sure to avoid the midday burning sun rays. Uneven pigmentation usually begins in the late 30’s because the function of the skin cells melanocytes, that produce the pigment melanin, starts to decline and this makes it more difficult for your skin to fight sun damage.  A good way to improve your skin is by regular application of Bio-Pacific masks, designed to suit any skin conditions.
Finally, a brand new Bio-Pacific sun screen, completely chemical-free  is now available in the clinic for the very first time.
For summer-stressed skin, try our unique Dermatherapy  facials that will gently infuse the product to deliver superior hydration, reduce pigmentation and restore radiance, resulting in soft, supple skin. For more info go to:  www.biopacificskincare.com.au

Tip #5: The hands
If you suffer from dry, rough hands after the winter months try Joanna’s ’Lunch Break’ Hand Treatment, that includes exfoliation using Heliabrine scrub to remove the dead skin, followed by application of a nourishing mask and several dips into a warm paraffin bath, finished with delightful massage and application of anti fatigue hand cream. A heavenly experience!

Your questions and comments are very welcome.

Send me to a friend!

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