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From the editor's desk

For healing, managing wellness and preserving youth, clean, living water is most important.

In today’s polluted environment we cannot over estimate the importance of the quality of the water we drink. Our bodies are 70-80% water and to keep our cells well hydrated and alkaline we need around 2 litres of pristine clean and living water every day. Good water involves more than just a lack of impurities. There are many water treatment systems on the market today, that promise to remove harmful sediments, minerals and foreign materials from your drinking water. But if the purpose of the water system were only to remove foreign materials, then we might as well be drinking distilled water –pure H2O.

Recently we installed a new system in the clinic that not only purifies water, but takes it to a whole new level due to mineral and volcanic stones, high-field strength magnets and silver stones placed on the floor of the storage tank to inhibit the growth of bacteria, maintain a balanced range of beneficial minerals, and adjust the pH balance to mildly alkaline.

For exceptional bio-availability the water also undergoes an optimizing process due to rapid movement in a vortex (cyclonic) pattern with rotating 3,500 gauss magnets. This process adds oxygen, super magnetizes and reduces the size of clusters of water molecules and changes the molecular structure of the water to a hexagonal shape for rapid absorption into the blood stream.

Next time you come to the clinic, please try our enhanced water system and enjoy the Pi Mag living water with the same qualities as a pristine mountain spring, and enjoy the outstanding health benefits of superior cell hydration and alkalinity.

Good health from the inside out



Inside the issue:

The following is meant as information only, for any health issues please consult a registered health practitioner.

Are you looking for the best treatment for anti-cellulite and body contouring?

Click HERE to download the
Dermosonic brochure treatment
[PDF 3.53MB]

We have had a tremendous success with the Dermosonic anti cellulite therapy in the last six months, since the new equipment arrived at the clinic. The Dermosonic method is the most effective treatment for removing the appearance of cellulite by effectively targeting the subcutaneous fat layer, causing fibrosis breakage, dispersing fat tissue, elongating connective tissue and promoting lymphatic drainage. It is more advanced than Endermologie treatment because it combines ultrasound and rolling negative pressure massage. The cellulite becomes much less visible since both the tension of connective tissue (fibrosis build-up around the cellulite nodules) and the pressure of accumulated fat deposits are greatly reduced, giving a much smoother, firmer, more toned look to the skin.

The Dermosonic® anti cellulite procedure involves two steps:


Ultrasound (3 Mhz - 3 million cycles per second) - enhances the disintegration of fats and promotes the breakdown of fibrous tissue that encapsulates each cellulite nodule, increases absorption of local edema (swelling), improves blood circulation and prepares tissue for the next step.

Stage 2: Non Invasive Subdermal Therapy (NIST)

N.I.S.T. – Computer programmed rolling and suction massage mobilizes and eliminates fatty deposits, stimulates circulation, promotes the absorption and drainage of retained fluids and toxins and improves the overall elasticity and quality of the skin.

According to the individual sensitivity test in each follow- up treatment, the clients can comfortably handle the progressively increased suction of the massage heads, due to build up of tissue strength and elasticity.

Dermosonic® from only $73.00 per treatment

Herb (Nutrients) corner:

“The genetic potential for all people is 120 to 140 years.”

Enzymes - how important are they?

Enzymes are the specialized protein molecules that are involved in every function of our body. Enzymes are the workforce and life force of the body. People with an enzyme deficiency, are prone to health problems, diseases and disorders. Recent studies have found decreased levels of enzymes in people with chronic diseases such as cancer, immune deficiencies, arthritis, diabetes, allergies, and skin disorders etc.

According to Dr. Edward Howell the source of most health problems can be traced back to improperly digested foods. Undigested food can cause problems in the bloodstream, in the intestines and colon. Our body has the ability to heal itself when given the support it needs. Proper digestion should be a high priority for anyone desiring the best possible health.

Supplementation of the digestive enzymes will improve digestion of raw and cooked food and help clean the blood; this will conserve the body energy for more important functions like protection (immune system) and repairing (metabolic enzymes).

Maybe you experience falling asleep soon after eating a large meal? This means your body just shuts down to conserve the energy towards digesting that big meal. It can take up to 50% or more of the body's vital energy in the role of digesting and cleaning up the blood.

Cleaning up the blood requires a higher priority than protecting and repairing, because the undigested particles are an immediate danger and can cause problems in the body.

If we supplement with digestive enzymes, the protectors and repairers can go back into the priority mode of guarding and repair. In this mode, vitamins, minerals, fruit and vegetables can be utilized to nourish, protect and repair the body. First we must have proper digestion and clean blood if we want our nutrients to be fully utilized.

Raw food or digestive enzymes – which are better for the body?

Giving our body live digestive enzymes or live food enzymes can help protect and replenish our body's enzyme supply.

Today's modern agricultural practices greatly deplete the concentration of live enzymes, vitamins and minerals. Digestive enzymes can help digest raw foods that no longer have as many live enzymes as they did 30 or 50 years ago. When a live food is lacking in vitamins and minerals, the enzymes are not as potent. Digestive enzymes are more concentrated, more potent and more effective than today's raw food enzymes.

Heartburn and indigestion are often remedied by antacids that bring temporary relief by neutralizing stomach acidity, but stop the body from doing its digestive job, while enzymes help the body to do this job. Supplements with plant digestive enzymes make a lot more sense. They are the safest and most effective, and help heartburn and indigestion immediately.

Halitosis (bad breath) is often an indication of digestive problems. Breath mints or chewing gums only hide the problem, giving temporarily relief. Digestive enzymes taken regularly can help eliminate halitosis.

A foul smelling stool that sinks instead of floating indicates that undigested foods are within it. In the intestinal track and colon undigested proteins putrefy, undigested carbohydrates ferment and undigested fat turns rancid. When the stool has a foul odor, it indicates digestive problems.

Some conditions associated with deficiency of each digestive enzyme:

  • Amylase (digests carbohydrates): Skin problems – rashes, hives, herpes, and canker sores. Liver and gall bladder diseases
  • Protease (digests proteins): Kidney problems, water retention, osteoporosis, arthritis, bone spurs, low blood sugar, anxiety, compromised immunity, cancer, bacterial and viral infection and appendicitis.
  • Lipase (digests fats): High cholesterol, obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular problems, high blood pressure, spastic colon, dizziness and chronic fatigue.
  • Cellulase (digests fibre): Bloating, gas, acute food allergies, candidiasis (yeast infections), facial pain and facial paralysis
  • Sucrase (digests sugars): Hyperactivity, mood swings, insomnia, depression, lung problems, asthma, bronchitis, chronic diarrhea, dizziness and seizures.

How can you build a strong healthy body?

  • Add digestive enzymes to your basic supplements (Minerals, Vitamins and Essential Fatty Acids).
  • Take your digestive enzymes with food; my favorite way is to open one capsule and sprinkle its contents directly on the food to aid efficient digestion
  • To cleanse your blood one capsule of digestive enzymes on an empty stomach is required. Cleaner blood makes a healthier person.
  • Plant-derived colloidal minerals are the only type of minerals that our bodies were made to absorb, providing up to 98% absorption, and because of their unique molecular structure any excess is flushed from the body, leaving no toxic build-up.

People not taking digestive enzymes both with meals and on an empty stomach are ageing faster, because they are using up their own enzyme reserves and more of their body's vital energy.

Why not start today to keep your body in optimum condition?

Plant delivered enzymes are available at Joanna's 38575722

Summarized from Global Longevity

Tips for the Season.

With the colder weather the days shorten and we enter the time that the body's metabolic functions slow down and it is wise to save our energy, rest more and keep warm, to be in tune with nature.

You should be very concerned when your daytime body temperature reaches only 36 degrees or less.  If this happens, it means your immune system is under stress.  You are subject to viral infections and your immune system is unable to respond to the infection. You are at high risk of catching cold or flu.

A lower body temperature condition occurs during sleep and when under stress. Viruses can only replicate in humans with a stress-lowered body temperature or when exposed to cold winter weather.  This might explain why cold and flu viruses spread more often during the winter and why some people may get four or more colds per year and some other people seem never to catch a cold. It all depends on their immune responses.

With the colder weather the energy level of our lungs is subjected to strain. There is a strong connection between the health of our lungs and our skin.

Dry body brushing or Salt glow body treatment can effectively improve blood circulation and increase the flow of vital energy thus strengthening the lungs.

Adequate hydration is crucial for our health; especially in the winter the skin tends to be dehydrated due to wind exposure. I suggest you should be very concerned about the quality of the water you drink. If you are thinking of buying or upgrading your water purifier, please ask me for advice.

Fever is a normal and natural immune system response to a viral infection, and is our own first line of defence against any viral infection. When our body temperature rises to 38.3 degrees Celsius it's our system's reaction to a viral infection.  That is a normal immune system response - and that will stop viral DNA replication. 

The simple way to prevent or cure very early stage viral infection in the human body is to raise the body temperature above normal e.g. by having a Scandinavian sauna .

Additionally, the prescription of Chinese herbs and Toyohari Acupuncture can help to balance and strengthen the energy flow in relating meridians thus strengthening your immune system to offset flu and colds this winter.

If you think you would like to discuss any particular aspect of your individual needs please feel free to call Joanna, the fully qualified and accredited professional, for consultation on 38575722.

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