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From the editor's desk

The swimsuit season is here again and you may look for an effective treatment for cellulite that also slims and tones. Do you desire a method that is comfortable and non-invasive, without down time or detrimental side effects?

Now I can offer you a breakthrough in slimming technology, the latest, proven method for cellulite removal, the Dermosonic® Method.

Please read how this method can help to achieve the body you desire.

In our toxic environment full of food additives, polluted water and air, and widespread habits of eating fast food, cellulite is a very common condition and affects more that 90 % of women. Please read about the most dangerous ingredients in conventional foods and follow the link to enter the word of organic consumers.

In the Herb corner you will find how the Ayurveda [Indian] and Chinese herbal formulation can help you lose weight.

Hope you will enjoy the reading.

Good health from the inside out



Inside the issue:

The following is meant as information only, for any health issues please consult a registered health practitioner.

New revolutionary methods that melt away unwanted fat and cellulite

Lymphatic Drainage Air Presso Massage, combined with body wrapping, has been Joanna's signature slimming treatment since 1993. I have provided this treatment in my clinic for the last 14 years, helping to improve the self image of many thousands of satisfied clients.

Beauty visionaries, research and my own experience have driven me one step further, to combine old and new methods into innovative procedures.

The new treatment combination is based on the solid history of performance of Lymphatic Drainage Air Presso Massage, but now adds the benefit of the Dermosonic® Method.

The Dermosonic ® treats the appearance and tone of the skin by targeting the dermis and subdermis for exceptional cellulite removal, localised fat reduction, body contouring and skin smoothing.

What can the latest weapon in anti-cellulite and body contouring technology, do for you?

Dermosonic® combines two medically proven synergistic therapies, Ultrasound and Non-Invasive Subdermal Therapy (N I ST), In order to achieve good results, Dermosonic® combines these therapies in two treatment stages:


Scientists have found that ultrasonic waves applied around the target area, have the effect of breaking up the fibrous tissue, liberating cellulite nodules and also liquefying the jelly-like fluid that has trapped the toxins. The warming effect of ultrasound dilates the capillaries so the fluid can then be naturally drained away. This important and unique first stage, prepares the tissue for the second stage of the Dermosonic® Method.

Stage 2: Non Invasive Subdermal Therapy (NIST)

By physically stimulating and massaging your target area, using varying levels of suction and delivering negative pressure, combined with drainage manipulations, cellulite is further eliminated along with toxins through the lymphatic system and capillaries.

Special toning manipulation enhances and improves the skin elasticity and firmness

Lymphatic Drainage Air Presso Massage is an additional and final step to Dermosonic® treatment. The performance of Lymphatic Drainage Air Presso-Massage has earned a reputation for the last 14 years as easy and efficient way for toxins removal, resulting in a significant inch loss and has now been improved upon with this combined method.

The Lymphatic Drainage Air Presso Massage gives you a long lasting effect on your blood circulation and will eliminate all the toxins that have been mobilised from your fatty tissues during the Dermosonic® treatment. Residual toxins will be excreted from your body naturally via the kidneys and bladder. Check out your urine after each treatments session; it often smells strong and can have a different color than usual. The more offensive the smell, the more toxins have been excreted from your body.

Dermosonic® and Lymphatic Drainage Air Presso- Massage complement and boost each other and offer long lasting results in anti-cellulite therapy.

I will give you a free initial consultation and video demonstration. Most people receive two treatments a week. It will depend on the extent of your cellulite, how many treatments you need. Dermosonic® is a medical grade treatment in conjunction with eating properly and drinking lots of water; it is great for women and men to remove local fat deposits from the stomach, thighs, love handles, and even the flabby parts we all accumulate on our arms.

I encourage everybody who is looking to make improvements to their body this summer, to give these fantastic European treatments a try.

Healthy tips

Tip # 1: Avoid over-processed food.

The most dangerous ingredients in conventional food

1) Sodium nitrite- a red color maker chemical, used to make meats appear red. Widely found in processed meats, such as hot dogs, sausages, mince and bacon. Scientists have found that this chemical causes cancer.

2) Hydrogenated oils widely used for extending shelf life in cookies, crackers, margarine and many manufactured foods. Scientists have found that they cause heart disease, nutritional deficiencies and a general deterioration of cellular health.

3) Excitotoxins -- aspartame, monosodium glutamate (MSG) and other additives. These neurotoxins directly affect nerve cells, over-exciting them to the point of cell death, according to Dr. Russell Blaylock. Excitotoxins are found in diet soda, canned soup, salad dressing, breakfast sausage and many manufactured vegetarian foods. They're used to add flavour to over-processed, dead foods.

Source: A recent book by Mike Adams, entitled "Grocery Warning" takes a scientific look at the broad spectrum of problematic ingredients in the common foods we eat every day. Click HERE to read more

Tip # 2: Eating for the good health

  • Avoid eating when you are upset or in a hurry to save you from causing sugar imbalances that create more cravings. Do not use food as a substitute to escape your emotions

  • Chewing slowly, 30-50 times before swallowing is crucial to a proper digestive process, especially while eating whole grains or fruit and veggies. Saliva contains the enzymes that activate the breakdown of complex sugars and effectively reduce your cravings for simple sugars. Slow eating will satisfy your taste buds and appetite. If you swallow too quickly, it may cause fermentation in the stomach, producing bloating and gas.

  • Avoid over-eating. Chronic overeating causes fatigue and depression. “If you finish your meal feeling full, you have poisoned yourself”

  • Eating apples with the skin and seeds provides extra fibre and iodine. The seeds of one apple supply the daily requirement of iodine, necessary for the balanced function of the thyroid gland.

  • Grain products absorb less water in the intestines, which means they may hinder weight loss attempts and bowel regulation. In addition, excess flour intake absorbs water from the body tissues and ages the skin.

  • Fresh, organic fruit and vegetable juices could be a healthy addition to your existing diet, because they provide a broad spectrum of all the vitamins and minerals that your body needs for optimum health benefits.

Tip # 3: Take a sauna regularly

The skin is our largest eliminatory organ - the “third kidney”. It is generally considered that the skin should eliminate 30 % of body wastes such as salts, acids and toxins by way of perspiration. Due to the lack of physical work and an overly sedentary life style, the skin of most people today has degenerated as an eliminative organ. It is of vital importance that the eliminative activity of the skin is revitalised. Taking a regular s auna will help to dispel excess toxins stored in the body cells, such as heavy metals like mercury, lead and cadmium and many others toxins, thus saving your kidneys and liver from overworking. It's a great addition to cellulite reduction therapy.

Tip # 4: Pamper yourself – you deserve this

Reward yourself with Joanna's Head to Toe Pamper Packages . You deserve this. You also can buy a gift voucher for a special occasion for some one you care for.

Herb corner

Recent research shows that life expectancy for even moderately overweight people is significantly shortened, and a person in their 50's being overweight means up to a 40% increased likelihood of death in the next 10 years.

Weight gain is due to eating more fuel than is used by activity. Logic says then, just eat less and do more. This has some truth to it, but in practice it is not so simple.

If you eat less than you body has to expect, it slows down your metabolism to save the energy. The extra exercise will help initially to lose weight but the body quickly adjusts by being more efficient at using energy, which means we get fit and burn less energy.

A product that can help!

ZLIM AGAIN is a practitioner-only formulation of Ayurvedic and Chinese herbs designed t o move energy stored as fat into fuel that gets burned up.

herbal capsules

The formulation contains the Garcinia and HCA (hydroxycitric acid)
HCA is obtained as a 60% standardized extract of Garcinia quaesita, a small fruit from southern India, where it has been used for centuries as a food preservative, flavoring agent and digestive aid.

HCA is a close relative of citric acid, the agent that gives citrus fruits their characteristic tart flavor. Studies show that HCA can curb appetite, reduce food intake and inhibit the production of fats and cholesterol. This herbal formulation has been clinically proven to aid in weight loss and has solid scientific evidence to show it works by:


•  Converting adipose (fat) tissue to fuel that the muscles can burn.

•  Stimulating the muscles to load up and metabolise energy.

•  Increasing caloric expenditure

•  Promoting the digestive function

•  Suppressing the appetite

•  Increasing the level of serum serotonins, a neurotransmitter involved in mood and sleep. This in turn will improve your sleeping pattern and calm your nerves.

•  Increasing the energy level.

By taking two capsules before meals 3x daily, my patients have not only experienced significant weight loss but lowered cholesterol, increased the beneficial HDL cholesterol and decreased Body Mass Index [BMI].

Your questions and comments are very welcome.

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