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From the editor's desk

Welcome to the Spring edition of Health & Beauty Newsletter.

Spring is a time of renewal and rapid change as nature shows her abundance. We begin to shed our clothes, look in the mirror …and if you don’t like what you see, you may wish to visit my clinic for help to regain your desired face and body image.

In this issue I will share my experience and advice on how you can prevent and reverse visible skin damage and put your best face forward.

Speaking of health and beauty this edition features an article that explains the benefits of cosmetic acupuncture with a collection of ‘before’ and ‘after’ shots.

In the article ‘Anti-aging, youth enhancing & life sustaining’ I will share the latest research on cellular aging and how we can create a cellular environment that mimics that of our youth.

I hope to see most of you in the coming months.

Good health from the inside out



“The greatest power that a person possesses is the power to choose.” (J. Martin Kohe)

Inside the issue:

The following is meant as information only, for any health issues please consult a registered health practitioner.

The Natural Alternative to Face Lift without Surgery

Our skin, visible to all, is our largest organ. When skin ages, it announces its condition to the world. In my clinical practice I have cared for hundreds of patients seeking the enhancement of youth and health, and I have proved that looking and feeling old is an option.

Would you like to counter- balance the effect of all that outdoor sun exposure and seek a way to look younger without injections, lasers, chemicals, or resorting to plastic surgery? You might choose to give acupuncture a try.

A planned course of Acupuncture Face-lift treatments is my recommended method for restoring the inner glow and radiance a person had 10 years earlier.

The process starts with an application of nourishing cream containing ‘mps’ protein extract, followed by a treatment to stimulate energy and blood flow by gently inserting s terile hair-thin needles into your trouble spots. Because each needle is like a splinter in the skin, the body will naturally try to push it out. The needling creates a little trauma which helps the body bring its attention to that area, which builds the area up, and in turn plumps, firms and tightens up the skin.

This safe, effective and painless method could lift your skin about seven millimeters and remove fine lines around the eyes, lips and nose. It helps to raise the bags under the eyes and firm up the jaw line.

The acupuncture facelift can help to correct the signs of ageing by both local treatment on your face and by treating the underlying causes of ageing when I needle the distal acupuncture points on your legs and arms. It helps release the blocked energy flow and influence areas of deficiency thus restoring the free flow of energy and blood and enhancing the hormone level.

The whole procedure is finished with both a specialised massage to help stimulate lymphatic drainage and with an application of natural, chemical free, Hydrating Regenerative Mask from the Bio Pacific skin care range. This mask has an amazing effect –puffiness fades, and skin is rehydrated and nourished. On an aloe vera base jojoba oil and ginseng nourish the skin and repair deeper damage, while chamomile is the active ingredient calming the skin. The well-known qualities of gingko biloba improve the capillary walls and blood circulation.

The following photos demonstrate the marked changes before and after the full course of Acupuncture Facelift as a part of Joanna’s Rejuvenation Program:

(The photos have not been digitally enhanced in any way).


This woman’s skin firmness shows great improvement here. The contours of her face have changed significantly, her face has been lifted and deep lines diminished. She has better jaw line definition and she seems to glow from within.

For best results 12-15 Acupuncture Face Lift treatments are recommended. On achieving the required results, a single booster treatment may be required to keep the skin taut. Joanna’s Holistic Facials and Dermatherapy treatments complement the Acupuncture Face Lift, helping to maintain the initial result for years to come. Acupuncture Face Lift can be done singly as a top-up for a special occasion.


What do Alzheimer’s disease, colon cancer, arthritis, heart disease and wrinkles have in common?”

This famous question doctor N.V. Perricone, the renowned anti ageing expert often asks his students.

The answer is inflammation that causes gradual progressive cellular damage. Inflammation is the basis of disease and one of its triggers is a rapid rise in blood sugar levels.

The conversion of food into energy and heat in our bodies is accomplished in tiny ‘spark plugs’ within each of our cells called mitochondria. When we are young we have up to 2000 of these spark plugs in every cell but as we age this is reduced to only 1000, a drop of 50%.

Elevated blood sugar causes a number of chemical reactions in the body that induces inflammation. When the skin cells undergo oxidative stress it produces the proinflammatory cytokines, the ‘serial killers’ that activate many chemicals, one of them being an enzyme called collagenases, forming the glycation reaction that digests the collagen. This powerful and silent process causes skin aging resulting in micro scars that lead to wrinkles.

The deterioration of mitochondria is an important cause of aging. A significant cause of this deterioration is the accumulation of destructive free radicals causing oxidative stress that disables enzymes and other chemicals.

Using Alpha Lipoic Acid and -Acetyl Carnitine increases mitochondrial ATP activity while protecting the cell from oxidative stress.

Physiologically the body contains small amounts of alpha lipoic acid inside the mitochondria that remain locked inside the enzyme system and do not flow freely in the cell. Alpha lipoic acid when taken as a nutritional supplement performs as an antioxidant as well as a booster of energy production in our cells by helping the mitochondria converts food into energy.

Acetyl-L-Carnitine (ALC)

Years of research reveals that about 95% of cellular energy occurs in the mitochondria and diseases of aging are increasingly being referred to as "mitochondria disorders."

Acetyl-L-carnitine is the biologically active amino acid involved in the transport of fatty acids into the cell's mitochondria for the purpose of producing energy. It can increase muscle mass and convert body fat into energy.

Acetyl-L-carnitine has been shown to protect brain cells against aging-related degeneration and to improve mood, memory and cognition. People use acetyl-L-carnitine to maintain their immune competence and reduce the formation of the aging pigment lipofuscin.

The most important effect of acetyl-L-carnitine, however, is to maintain the function of the cell's energy powerhouse, the mitochondria.

During the past few years more and more studies have showed that:

  • Acetyl-carnitine enhances the correct rhythmic release of growth hormone as well as preventing hormonal depletion from stress
  • ALC is helpful in treatment of fibromyalgia during menopause
  • ALC overcomes leptin resistance in the brain
  • ALC with melatonin offset the effects of stress on sleep patterns
  • ALC is the key supplement for overcoming a wide variety of cellular resistances

Alpha Lipoic Acid - The Universal, Metabolic Antioxidant

Alpha lipoic acid (ALA) has been called the “universal” antioxidant because it is both fat and water soluble. It works in both the fatty cell plasma membrane and the aqueous interior of the cell. By penetrating into and out of the cell alpha lipoic acid brings antioxidant protection wherever it is needed.

Research reveals that ALA boosts glutathione levels in cells, has potent antioxidant action in almost all the tissues of the body, and is a co-factor for some of the key enzymes involved in generating energy from food and oxygen in mitochondria. It increases cellular activity and vitality.

One of the most beneficial effects of alpha lipoic is its ability to regenerate and protect other essential antioxidants such as vitamins C and E, coenzyme Q10, and glutathione - the antioxidants inside the cells.

The other benefits of alpha lipoic acid supplementation:

  • Protects DNA ( the cell’s genetic code)
  • Inhibits the activation of transcription factor NF-kB, thus reducing cellular inflammation
  • Controls AP-1, that helps remodel the collagen
  • Inhibits glycosylation (the abnormal attachment of sugar to protein) which causes cross-linking of collagen making it inflexible and stiff
  • Acts as a strong anti-inflammatory agent
  • Decreases insulin resistance
  • Enhances insulin function
  • Helps regulate blood sugar levels
  • Acts synergistically with all antioxidant systems


1. Practitioner Information from Daniel Weber Seminar2005

2. N.V. Perricone,MD The Perricone Prescription HarperCollins 2002

Herbs of the season:



  • Alpha Lipoic Acid 100mg
  • L-Acetyl Carnitine 250 mg
  • radix Codonopsis (Dang Shen) 50mg
  • radix Panacis Quinquefoli (Xi Yang Shen) 40 mg
  • radix Astragali (Huang Qi) 50 mg
  • D-Pinitol (inositol) 10mg
  • Biotin 300 mcg







A major cause of aging is the deterioration of the mitochondria, the energy-producing components of the cell. This results in reduced cellular metabolic activity, the accumulation of cellular debris, and eventual death of the cell. One of the most effective nutrients to maintain youthful cellular energy metabolism is the amino acid acetyl L-carnitine (ALC), which functions via several mechanisms to protect cells from the effects of aging.

  • Acetyl L-Carnitine (ALC) assists in the transport of fat through the cell membrane and into the mitochondria within the cell, where these fats are oxidized to produce the cellular energy ATP. Acetyl L-carnitine research has shown it promotes a healthy nervous system and memory.
  • The Alpha Lipoic Acid / Acetyl L-Carnitine combination acts as a powerful anti-oxidant and energy booster and together they appear to work better then either one on its own. 
  • Dang Shen is a classic Qi tonic and an adaptogenic. It has both stimulating and inhibiting effects on the CNS (Central Nervous System) aiding in dealing with stress.
  • XI Yang Shen has a sedative effect on the CNS and has marked anti-fatigue and anti –stress properties. A general tonic, stimulant, diuretic, and digestive aid.
  • Huang Qi contains a variety of active constituents including more than 40 saponins, several flavonoids, polysaccharides, multiple trace minerals, amino acids, and coumarins. It is an antioxidant which inhibits free radical production
  •  D-Pinitol is a naturally occurring insulin-like compound, which is extremely anabolic and acts as powerful insulin mimic. It boosts post-exercise glycogen synthesis, delivering more nutrients to the muscle cells for fuel, growth, and shorter recovery time.
  •  Biotin is added as ALA competes with and depletes Biotin levels when ALA is taken in amounts over 100 mg

Re-Joovina herbal capsules – a perfect union of modern nutriceuticals with traditional Chinese herbs, designed to strengthen the vital energy in the body and nourish the blood, thus creating a cellular environment that mimics that of our youth.


Tips for the Season.
Tip # 1: Never eat after dinner. Allow 11-12 hours between dinner and breakfast
Tip # 2: Eat a high-protein breakfast
Tip # 3: Do not eat large meals. Eating slowly is important
Tip # 4: Cook it yourself
Tip # 5: Reduce the amount of carbohydrates eaten
Tip # 6: Allow 5-6 hours between meals

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