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From the editor’s desk

Despite the morning chills, the longer days allow you to do more things such as exercise or power walking with the dog. Spring is the time for renewal and change. We begin to shed our clothes, look at our bodies to find out their suitability for summer.

Are we free from dry, chapped skin? Are we in shape? Are our nails in good condition? What about the unwanted hair?

Speaking of health, this edition features an article that explains the lymphatic system and its function in the body. You also can find out how the ancient art of auricular therapy could help reduce the body fat that may have accumulated over the winter months of hibernation.

In ‘Tips for the month’ you can read how to spoil yourself - because you deserve this.

The great spring specials offers the complementary auriculotherapy treatment to help control your appetite, when booked for 60 minutes of Lymphatic Drainage Air Pressure Massage during September & October.


Inside the issue:

The following is meant as information only, for any health issues please consult a registered health practitioner.

I hope to see most of you in the coming months.
Good health from the inside out!


Understanding the lymphatic system

Joanna Burton
Adv.Dip. Acup, B.H.Sc. (Acup)
Memb. APAA

Have you heard that insufficient lymphatic drainage can cause water retention or edema and many of us frequently experience that? But what actually are we talking about, and why is it important to ensure our lymphatic system function is efficient? What does our lymphatic system actually do?

Our body is supplied with an entirely separate set of very small and thin-walled vessels called lymphatics. The lymphatic capillaries are the smallest of these vessels, irregular in shape and ending blindly, in contrast to the continuity of the blood capillaries. Lymph passes from the lymphatic capillaries into the afferent lymphatic vessels that ultimately unite to form the large lymph trunks that drain different territories of the body.

The lymphatic system plays several key roles:

1. Maintains and distributes interstitial fluid between tissues and blood. Accumulation of this fluid contributes to the development of water retention or edema if there is insufficient drainage. Once the interstitial fluid has drained into the lymphatics, it is called lymph.
2. Transports the absorbed nutrients especially fat, from the digestive system to the blood. It also returns the protein from the interstitial fluid to the blood.
3. Filtration of the lymph as it returns from the tissues before emptying back into the circulation.
4. The lymphatic system is a part of the internal defense system, which protects the body against foreign toxins and bacteria due to phagocytic activity of some cells in the lymphatics and in the lymphatic organs.

All lymph vessels contain numerous valves so the lymph flows only toward the point where the lymph vessels empty into the venous circulation and never backward toward the tissues. Contraction of the initial lymphatic capillary plays a major role in lymph flow. The rate of lymph flow is very low and varies from time to time, but in the average person, the total lymph flow is approximately 100 ml per hour, or 1 to 2 ml per minute. The average lymph contains 2-3 per cent protein from peripheral tissues and as high as 5-6 per cent from the liver where the major share of the lymph is formed.

Specific structure of the initial lymphatic capillary permits passage of substances of high molecular weight into the lymph. Since large molecules or particles of the toxin's protein cannot be absorbed directly into blood capillaries, it is only through the lymphatic vessels that these substances can leave the tissues. Many of these can be harmful if they reach the blood, for example bacteria or high molecular weight protein toxins. As the lymph passes through the lymph nodes, special cells, so-called reticuloendothelial cells, engulf and digest both foreign protein molecules and particles and release the products into the lymph in the form of amino acids or other small molecular breakdown products. Other cells in the lymph nodes form antibodies, which play a major role in protecting the body against foreign toxic debris and invading microorganisms.

We could improve the sluggish function of our lymphatic system through massage, regular exercise or specifically through manual lymphatic drainage massage.

But the best way to ensure your lymphatics are in peak condition is a treatment called Lymphatic Drainage Computerised Air Pressure Massage that delivers a light rhythmic air pumping pressure from the specially designed machine to the strategically designed compartments of the body suit. This creates rhythmical squeezing movement of the lymphatic capillaries towards the afferent lymphatic vessels that ultimately unite to form the large lymph trunks to drain different areas of the body.

  • The procedure guarantees total harmony with the blood circulation system of the body.

  • The rhythmic pumping action on the initial lymphatic capillary opens up the lymphatic valves and releases the toxins.

  • The electronic indicator on the control panel of the machine always controls the whole process.

  • Body measurements are taken before the treatment and after a one-hour session a 20 cm reduction can be found. This is due to Dr. Mark Miller's method from the USA.

  • Removes unwanted cushions from waist, belly and hips.

  • The procedure does not cause sweating or induce a feeling of deep heat.

  • Improves vascular and lymphatic circulation resulting in detoxification and oxygenation of the tissues that leads to tightening of the skin and tremendous restoration of tissues.

  • Results in the reduction of cellulite


Lymphatic Drainage Computerised Air Pressure Massage

The easy and healthy way to regain your desired body image

Lymphatic Drainage - air pressure treatment

As we grow older more toxins are trapped and build up in our cells. Body fluids become thicker, our constant renewal process slows down and self-cleaning become more difficult. The lymphatic system plays a fundamental role in clearing immune debris from the tissues of the body. Effective liver restoration and tissue detoxification is dependent on the immune and lymphatic systems. Poor lymphatic function promotes toxin accumulation.

What is auricular therapy?

The ear has been used in treatment of disease for thousand of years. The relationship between the ear, internal organs and meridians is recorded in the Chinese classic the Huandi Nei Jing written over two thousand years ago.
Since 1956, there has been a great increase in the knowledge of how to treat disease using the ear points. A French acupuncturist and neurosurgeon Dr. Paul Nogier explored the ear ancient text and with his knowledge of Chinese medical theory and a modern scientific approach, mapped out the relationship between the points on the ear and the related areas of the body. Presently over three hundred acupuncture points are regularly used in the treatment of disease. Auricular (ear) acupuncture is very valuable and can be applied by itself to treat a wide variety of diseases or used in conjunction with normal body acupuncture to supplement the treatment. The ear provides an additional valuable diagnostic method due to the fact that it undergoes physical change in texture, color and electrical resistance whenever there is a pathological condition in the related areas of the body.

For controlling cravings and excessive appetite Joanna treats auricular points using a laser beam. Auricular (ear) acupuncture points are selected based on the‘organ’ theory of Chinese Medicine and clinical experience. For instance the stomach and spleen are organs of the digestive tract that play a main role in the digestive function (the “Spleen point” and the “Stomach point”).

The ”Hunger point” has the function of curbing the appetite and eliminating hunger. “Shenmen point” which regulates the function of the cerebral cortex, is used for tranquility and sedation, also this point affects the digestive function. The “Mouth point” also has the function of regulating the appetite.

After the laser treatment Joanna places the press spheres (small ball bearings) in the selected acupuncture points in the ear. Clients are advised to press them three times daily for 10-15 seconds, or whenever they have the desire to eat between regular meals.

Tips for the month.

The Skin

After the winter months our skin needs extra attention because prolonged exposure to the wind and cold creates dehydration and dryness. A good way to improve your skin condition is by application of a nourishing mask. You can do this yourself, by mixing a quarter of a mashed avocado with a teaspoon of cooked oats and a few drops of fresh lemon juice and vitamin E (optional). Apply on clean face for 20 minutes. Rinse with warm water.
Another option is to let Joanna take care of your face. Deluxe or Luxury Facials delivers outstanding result

The hands

If you suffer from dry, rough hands after the winter months try Joanna’s ’Lunch Break’ Hand Treatment, that includes exfoliation using Heliabrine scrub to remove the dead skin, followed by application of a nourishing mask and several dips into a warm paraffin bath, finished with delightful massage and application of anti fatigue hand cream. A heavenly experience!

The heels
Spring is the time for wearing our favorite sandals and nothing looks worse than dry, cracked heels or untidy toenails. Joanna’s unique Spa Pedicure offers a rescue for all foot problems. The fashionable colours of Bio Sculpture Gel will look fantastic on the toenails this summer.

Pamper yourself – you deserve this

Take advantage to book online for Joanna’s Head to Toe Pamper Packages. This gift voucher could be a unique, Christmas present for some one you love.

Please click here for this month's special.

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