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Joanna’s Health & Beauty News - November / December 2004 Edition


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An Open Letter To Every Woman and Man Over 35 who Desperately Want To Lose Weight Without Sweating Or Working too Hard.

Money Back Guarantee!


Inside the issue:

The following is meant as information only, for any health issues please consult a registered health practitioner.


Are YOU sincerely interested in your health improvement? Do YOU wish to possess more energy? Do YOU experience water retention, puffiness or swelling around the ankles?
Are YOU prepared to make the appropriate lifestyle changes and make a genuine commitment to sustaining these changes?

If so, this will be the most important message you’ll ever read!

Please think about what will happen in your life if you don’t take care of your body and don’t start my comprehensive weight-reducing program.

If you don’t come along with me, a year from now, you’ll be not only a year older- most likely you will have more inches around your midriff and thighs, and your health will have
deteriorated. You may be unhappy, tied down to things you don’t like, wishing you could enjoy the life you deserve.

Many people are afraid of changes - it gives them comfort to stay unhappy, knowing they can complain and make excuses and blame the world for their situation.

I believe that deep down inside where the real feelings exist they know that cheap excuses only help
rationalize their unhappiness.

But I also believe you have the option whether you control life- or life controls you and that you are where you are because of the decisions you’ve made up until now.
If fear or skepticism is stopping you, I want you to realize, you don’t take any risk participating in my program, because I offer your money back if you don’t lose at least a total of 10 centimeters in the very first treatment.

Your treatment will be free and of course you can keep all the free bonuses as well.

So stop making excuses and take care of your body - it needs to last you a lifetime.

Get the body you dream of - try this genuine, safe, proven and unique way to better health, flatter abs & trimmer waist.


My Amazing Limited Offer

If you are within the first 56 people to phone my clinic and make the booking you can receive the comprehensive weight-reducing program including:

  • 60 minutes of Lymphatic Drainage Air Pressure Treatment that detoxifies your entire body and removes the unwanted inches.

Here’s what this means:

First, I weigh you and take measurements of your problem areas using an exclusively designed device to ensure unbiased measurements before and after the treatment.

I will wrap you tightly in a plastic foil with special contouring cream, you will experience 60 minutes of light rhythmic air pumping pressure massage delivered by a unique specially designed body suit. There is no discomfort - you will be totally relaxed during the treatment.

This massage creates rhythmical squeezing movements starting from your feet towards your waist. It improves the vascular and lymphatic circulation and tissue oxygenation, resulting in the removal of toxins and excess fluids.

This process helps to reduce cellulite and leads to tightening of the skin and restoration of the tissues on your stomach, thighs and buttocks.

  • You will experience comprehensive personal care by registered health practitioner Joanna Burton, who will address the individual cause of your weight problem.
  • All the latest scientific research has been gathered together to design an appropriate Chinese herbal formulation to improve the efficiency of your digestive system, boost your metabolism and control your sugar craving NATURALLY.

Don’t delay – the following free bonuses will be yours if you call for an appointment right now.

  • A FREE figure consultation and treatment demonstration
  • A FREE back massage on our famous chiropractic rolling bed, with your first visit
  • A FREE dietary consultation and advice on individual balanced eating habits
  • A FREE aromatherapy eye cover and anti-stress gentle, sequential bed massage during the treatment session.
  • A FREE daily eating plan that reveals the scientific breakthroughs that are set to revolutionize the entire slimming industry by allowing you to eat MORE of your favorite foods and still LOSE WEIGHT.
  • A FREE subscription to the Joanna’s Health & Beauty News – the e - newsletter which will keep you abreast of all the latest scientific innovations to help improve your health, beauty and well being.

Take this fantastic opportunity and be one of the first 56 lucky clients

Call Joanna on 3857 5722

And before you know it, you’ll look in the mirror and see a thinner you. Your friends will compliment you at parties… Heads will turn, and you’ll feel more confident than ever before. Imagine easily fitting into those old jeans that are simply too tight right now. If you delay your decision you could miss out.


What other people say about Joanna’s slimming treatment.

“I was amazing that just after one treatment how many centimeters I lost.
It was a total of 19 cm. I was just over the moon, because I have finally found a treatment that delivers results.
I have had a few treatments and the centimeters just keep falling off.
” -Rita H.

“I lost in excess of 10 cm off my waist, in excess of 12 cm off my hips, in excess of 9 cm off my thighs – over a three weeks, 11 visit schedule.

My eating habits were not affected, however I consumed no alcohol during this period but drank between 10 and 12 glasses of water per day.

I would recommend the treatment to anyone who has problem areas of fat as the results shown indicate a high success rate." -Bob G.

For more testimonials and info please refer to my website www.joannasclinic.com.au

PS. Remember, if you book the appointment within the next 10 days and are one of the first 56 callers


You’ll also receive

A FREE painless ear acupuncture treatment using a laser beam that will help control your appetite and cravings, balance your hormonal responses, and calm your mind.

You will leave the clinic with a small ball bearing taped to specific acupuncture points on your ear.

If you experience the desire to overeat, simply stimulate the points by pressing the ball bearing for 10 sec, this will help to make the cravings disappear.

But you must not delay. Act now while there is still time!

Thank you.
Joanna Burton B.H.Sc (Acup)

Tips for the month.

If you practice seven easy exercises every morning, coping with every day tasks will be less stressful.

Massage the ear lobes from top to bottom - repeat 30 times
Massage the forehead by placing both hands on your forehead with over lapping fingers, stroke the eyebrows and the forehead-repeat 30 times
Shut your eyes and gently massage the eyeballs 15 times clockwise and 15 times anticlockwise.
Place right hand on your abdomen and left hand on top of the right hand and massage the abdomen in a big circular movement clockwise 30 times and then change hands, anticlockwise for 30 times.
Inflate your abdomen like balloon and suck in abdomen -30 times
Clasp your hands on the back of your neck and vigorously massage 30 times up and down movement and 30 times sideways.
Vigorously rub your palms together until they get warm and quickly place them over your eyes and count to 30.

Now look at yourself in the mirror, and you will see a younger looking you, with a more vibrant and glowing appearance. It takes only a short time to do, and the results will be evident if you stick to this routine.

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