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Joanna’s Health & Beauty News - May 2004 Edition


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From the editor’s desk

Welcome to the first edition of your monthly Health & Beauty Newsletter. I hope you will enjoy the new upgraded Joanna’s website with lots of new pictures and on line sales.
Autumn is the time of harvest, and preparation for hibernation as the days shorten we enter the annual rhythm that inadvertently affects the vital energy flow. Our pulse deepens as the vital ki energy accumulates and slows.

Oriental way to better health

Do you ever have a health problem that comes and goes with certain regularity? You may manage to remove pain or discomfort only to have it return once again as you settle into normal life. Most medical treatments offer relief in the short term.
The traditional oriental medicine adopts a completely different approach to your health and offers a comprehensive treatment menu, which not only relieves short-term, pain, but also helps your body find a permanent relief of distressing symptoms.
According to traditional oriental medicine the body’s subtle energy, called ki, flows continuously along pathways called meridians that can be assessed by taking the pulse (pulse diagnosis). The blockages of one or more of 12 meridians results in specific pain, discomfort or disease.

When the ki energy is flowing freely there is no pain or discomfort.

Abundant and strong lung ki result in beautiful supple skin.
Balanced stomach and spleen ki maintain weight naturally.
Healthy heart and liver ki relaxes the mind, resulting in sound sleep, relieving depression and anxiety.
Strong kidney ki gives you sexual potency, maintains fertility, increases memory and relieves lower back pain.

Japanese style acupuncture Toyohari is a hands-on pulse diagnosis, healing method, a very gentle and effective therapy, involving pain-free use of acupuncture points and a variety of non inserting needle techniques that aims to balance the patient's pulse. This is a wonderful way to regain your health and vitality and is suitable for everyone.

Tips for the month.

· Keep warm
Especially the upper part of the body needs protection from elements, as the wind and cold can penetrate easy and affects the lungs meridian, causing the sign and symptoms of External Invasion of Pathogenic Factor. In the Western word well known as a cold or the flu.

· Pamper yourself
Salt exfoliation is the best way to increase blood circulation, remove dead cells and improve the texture of the skin. You can do it yourself or be pampered by Joanna. She uses the salts from the Dead Sea, which has the world’s richest content of minerals
Indulge yourself with a scented bath using sachet you can make, by blending one handful of dry lavender and chamomile tealeaves packed in the cheesecloth, or be pampered by Joanna with Vichy Shower, the luxurious massage of running warm water jets that balances your chakra points.

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