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Joanna’s Health & Beauty News - August 2004 Edition


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Inside the issue:

From the editor’s desk

Welcome to the August issue of Joanna’s Health & Beauty News the monthly newsletter from Joanna’s Beauty Slimming & Acupuncture Clinic.

In this issue you can find out:

The real truth about the artificial sweetener, aspartame.

In ‘Tips for the month’ how scar tissues can be detrimental to your health and be corrected by acupuncture.

The great August specials. Take advantage of a complementary electro- reflexology foot massage during the Spa Pedicure…

I hope you will enjoy this newsletter.

Aspartame- the silent killer.

In last months newsletter I was writing about the fatal repercussions sugar could have on our health. Many of ‘sugar free’ products contain aspartame marketed as ‘ Nutra Sweet’, ‘Equal’ or ‘Spoonful’ that have much worse effects on our health than sugar. There are over 5000 products containing Aspartame. The most popular are diet soft drinks. Aspartame contains methanol that can converts to formaldehyde a DEADLY POISON that belong to the same class of drugs as cyanide and arsenic. Scientists have proved, that heat can liberate methanol from the aspartame at 86 degrees F. Imagine what would happen if a pallet of diet drinks were shipped under the Australian sun … the wood alcohol in aspartame would convert to formaldehyde and then to formic acid. (Formic acid has been found in the sting of the fire ants).

The methanol toxicity from aspartame can cause fibromyalgia symptoms, multiple sclerosis, systemic lupus, muscle spasms, shooting pains, numbness in your legs, cramps, vertigo, dizziness, headaches, tinnitus, joint pain, depression, anxiety attacks, slurred speech, blurred vision and memory loss.

H.J. Roberts, M.D., F.A.C.P., F.C.C.P. in his new book exceeding 800 pages, exposes aspartame as the scientifically proven perpetrator that causes more than 92 different symptoms. The majority of them are neurological, because aspartame destroys the nervous system, causing neurological and behavioural changes. Changes in the brain’s chemistry are the reason for severe seizures.
Dr. Roberts also says "consuming aspartame at the time of conception can cause birth defects". When Dr. Espisto was lecturing on aspartame, a member of the audience, a neurosurgeon, said, "When they remove brain tumors, they have found high levels of aspartame in them".

Governments and media have helped to cover up this international horror across the globe. It is being called the crime of the century. This "poison" is now available in over 90 countries worldwide. Say NO to products that contains aspartame and don’t be a victim of this world plague.

For a natural healthy alternative to sugar and aspartame look for Stevia powder or products sweetened by Stevia in your local Health Food Store.
A small amount of Stevia powder can sweeten just about anything without the negative effects of sugar and artificial sweeteners.

Tips for the month.

Our bodies are influenced by annual, monthly and daily biological rhythms. In healthy bodies the vital energy constantly circulates in an unobstructed manner, every two hours in 12 different meridians. For example 3-5 AM the vital energy is in abundance in the Lung meridian, 5-7 AM in the Large Intestine meridian, 7-9 AM in the Stomach meridian, 9-11 AM in the Spleen meridian, 11AM-1 PM in the Heart meridian, 1-3 PM in the Small Intestine meridian, 3-5 PM belongs to Bladder meridian, 5-7 PM to the Kidney meridian and so on. Blockages in the free flowing energy in the meridians can contribute to many pathological signs and symptoms eg. pain, numbness, nausea, headache, dizziness, prolapses etc. The scar tissues are a contributing factor blocking the flow of energy. If the scar happens to lie across the meridian, it will over a time create blockages to the energy flow, causing ‘excess above and deficiency below’ (or opposite).

Acupuncture including scars treatment can restore the free flow of the vital energy.
It is recommended to have regular acupuncture, ideally on a weekly basis as a maintenance treatment to tune up the body, for the best possible performance.

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