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The Dorn Therapy

Cost: $95.00 (complemented with Breuss massage and acupuncture)

dornThe Dorn Method originated in Germany; it is a widely accepted holistic therapy used in Europe, to treat back pain.

The Dorn Method is based on natural laws of physics and anatomy, combining TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) - principals with Western techniques and is unrivaled in its effectiveness.

This non-manipulative, gentle therapy is designed to help subluxed (incomplete or partial dislocation) joints to slip back into their original position, without causing any pain.

Some people have discrepancies in their leg length, but the majority of them have no realisation of this problem. This condition is usually caused by the bone not sitting correctly in the joint. The body’s toxins and waste are allowed to be deposited into the joint, which becomes congested and obstructed over time, not allowing the bone to move back into its correct position.

This leads to an inclined pelvis and subluxation of the sacrum, which means that the whole foundation of your spine becoming imbalanced. This condition has the potential of causing misalignment to the spine and increased nerve pressure around the vertebra, causing back pain.

It is estimated that 75% of the population have a difference in their leg length. Some common causes contributing to this problem are standing unevenly or placing more weight on one side of the body, sitting with the legs crossed, wrong stretching techniques, trauma at birth or before and applying of incorrect lifting techniques.

The Treatment:

Joanna carefully asses all areas of imbalance in your body, always checking for the LLD (Legs Length Discrepancy) If necessary treatment is combined with acupuncture.

The most important areas to re-align during the treatment are:

  • LLD
  • Pelvis and Sacrum
  • Spine

With gentle, gradual increased pressure, the bones are shifted back into their proper position while the patient is performing movements under instruction, such as swinging of the limbs to assist in the therapy.

This dynamics distracts the muscle tension and helps shifting of the bones, making it relatively easy and readily accepted by the body.

The correction pressure is stopped as soon as pain arises, therefore no harm can be done to the patient. The correction maneuvers are repeated if necessary several times, to achieve the best possible result.

The treatment is complemented with specialised Breuss massage, using St. John's wort oil (Hypericum perforatum), into and around the spine, to balance, relax and remove toxins out of the body. During the Breuss massage Joanna access the body's meridian and chakra energy systems to tone and energise, not just your spine but your whole body, often dissolving psychological, energetic or physical blockages, and deeply buried emotional traumas.

A series of gentle exercise is provided and recommended to be used at home every day, in order to keep the hips, knee, back and other joints in their correct alignment.

Who can benefit?

The dorn method for back pain relief is able to be used for a variety of medical conditions, even though the condition may appear to have little or no connection with the misalignment of the joints.

Problems such as dizziness or headaches can be a result of nerves being suppress around the misaligned cervical (neck) vertebras.

Dorn Therapy can be a treatment of choice for:

  • Scoliosis,
  • Lower back pain,
  • Sciatica,
  • Joint problems,
  • Different leg length,
  • Other structural imbalances.
  • Treat organs connected to the subluxation
  • Emotional imbalances and stress.

Please note some conditions may require medical clearance before commencing the treatment.

The spinal column is the main highway of our Nervous System that connects the brain with all other areas of our body. Every vertebra releases a pair of nerves, which corresponds to certain organs, body parts and chakras. By working on your vertebra, Joanna is actually working on your entire body.


This chart shows the connection of the vertebras’ to the different body parts
and different chakras (the emotional / spiritual aspect).

Possible Body-Reactions after the Treatment

  • Dull muscular pain. (like after a gym workout)
  • Detoxification signs, due to improved nerve flow, may lead to a change in
    metabolism, e.g. changes in toilet habits, light flue like symptoms, light diarrhea and reactions on the skin etc.
  • These changes should be judged as positive body reactions and are likely to last
    for a few days after treatment.
  • Treated areas may be sensitive to touch.
  • Awakening of unresolved ‘inner’ issues can appear.

The reactions are a sign of the effectiveness, of this gentle and safe therapy.

Please watch this video, Thomas Zudrell demonstrates the Dorn Method.

About your practitioner:

Joanna Burton is a registered acupuncturist, certified by the Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency, as a Chinese Medicine Practitioner. Joanna obtained her training in Dorn Method taught by Jason Mallia – Master Instructor of the Dorn Method in Sydney ( please refer to Joanna’s Curriculum Vitae).

19 Swinburne Street, Lutwyche. Phone (07) 3857 5722

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