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According to the theory and philosophy of Chinese medicine everything in the natural world is divided into yin and yang and five phases (elements). The parts and function of the human body, etiology, pathology and patterns of imbalance are also divided into yin and yang and five phases, centering on the five zang organs.

The ki of each organ becomes very active during the season to which it is related.

La PHYTO is a French skin care laboratory pioneering the introduction of algae and colour clays and has based its method on the theory and philosophy of Chinese medicine.

Each LA PHYTO product is made from 100% natural active ingredients:  clays, algae, grains, trace elements, phytoplankton, essential oils, plant extracts, cereals etc..... treating the cause of a problem - not the symptoms - by stimulating the body's own energies.

La Phyto “Season” Aroma-Clay Facials are based on five Chinese Seasons: Spring, Summer, In –Between seasons, Autumn, and Winter.

30 minutes La-Phyto Aroma –Clay Facial of the season consists of the following steps:

  • Deep Facial cleansing
  • Application of the Ter Tonic seasonal aroma -clay mask all over the face and the neck and massage with moist hands
  • Application of appropriate season moisturizer.

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Wood Element that refers to wood in the sense of a living tree. It corresponds to the direction of east and the season of spring. Spring is a time when things are generated or created, and generation/creation is a quality of the wood phase. It is associated with the colour green, a rancid smell and sour taste. The associated grain and fruit are wheat and plum.

La Phyto Spring facial (Wood Element)

La Phyto Spring green clay facial detoxifies and purifies all skin types in spring, while providing it with appropriate essential Trace Elements and Vitamins. Ter Tonic Spring green clay with essential oil of rosemary, lemon and cypress, has astringent, antiseptic, and antibacterial properties and regulates the sebum for a matt complexion.

Followed up by the spring moisturizer with wheat extract, phytoplankton, essential oils of lemon and rosemary, it activates the natural defences of the skin to combat the effect of poor diet and lack of cellular oxygenation.

Spring (or morning within a single day) is the time when things are generated or created; the associated organ – liver, works to gather the blood and initiate the generation or creation. In our bodies the ki of life in the springtime revitalizes the functioning of the liver.

The eyes, nails and sinew are areas controlled by the liver. Blood stored by the liver is appropriately distributed to these areas, enabling them to perform their tasks. If liver blood becomes deficient, changes can appear in the following:

  • Eyes especially in optic nerve, retina, and conjunctiva. Therefore diseases such as cataracts, glaucoma, hemorrhaging of the eyegrounds, keratitis and conjunctivitis can often be cured by the needling of Liver acupuncture points.

  •  Sinews / tendons. For example, gynecological problems sometimes present with a liver blood deficiency pattern, since the uterus has a lot of sinews. Also low back pain and frozen shoulders (i.e., fifty-year-old’s shoulder) are often caused by liver blood deficiency.

  • Nails that breaks easily.

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Fire Element that refers to a flaming fire. It corresponds to the direction of south and the season of summer. Summer is the time when things flourish, and growth is a quality of the fire phase. It is associated with the heart colour red, a burning smell and a bitter taste. The corresponding grain and fruit are millet and apricot.

La Phyto Summer facial (Fire Element)

La Phyto Summer, red clay facial detoxifies and purifies all skin types in summer, while providing essential oils of ylang-ylang, rosemary, and lavender with antiseptic, antibacterial, healing, soothing and heat balancing properties to clear the complexion.

Follow up by the summer moisturizer with millet extract, cereal seed oil, essential oils of lavender and marjoram, to soothe congestion and inflammation while balancing the circulation of capillary prone, flushed skin.

The heart has an abundance of warming, active yang ki. It corresponds to the ki of the summer (or daytime within a single day) since it is always active. Without the yang ki the function of growth will not be possible. During the summer the heart heat becomes vigorous.

The heart is related to tongue and complexion, and controls the vessels.

A red tongue can be considered an indication that there is an abundance of heat in the heart. Some patients cannot stick out their tongue as expected when asked to do so. This is caused by decreased yang ki in the heart. As far as the complexion is concerned a red face that is too lustrous is an indication of heat in the heart. On the other hand, death will occur if there is no luster, which is the sign that the spirit is gone.

The vessels circulate ki and blood through the body. The driving force behind this is circulation of the everlasting yang ki of the heart.

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Earth Element that refers to earth, sand and clay. It corresponds to the central position and the season of midsummer (between summer and autumn).  Midsummer is the time when things change, and change is a quality of the earth phase. It is associated with the spleen, colour yellow, a fragrant smell and sweet taste. The corresponding grain and fruit are barnyard grass and jujube.

La Phyto In -Between Seasons facial (Earth Element )

La Phyto In -Between Seasons yellow clay facial -detoxifies and purifies all skin types in midsummer, and during the last 18 days of each season, while providing it with essential oils of eucalyptus, lemon and cypress, that have antiseptic, antibacterial properties to soothe inflamed, intoxicated skin.

Follow by the moisturizer with corn extract, essential oils of verbena and aloe vera gel to revitalize, detoxify and sooth the cutaneous inflammation due to toxins accumulation. It also balances the energetic quality of connective and nervous tissues.

The spleen commands the stomach and intestines to produce ki, blood and fluids in order to nourish each part of the body, organs and meridians.

The flesh, lips, mouth and four limbs are areas controlled by spleen

The spleen is very active in between seasons, specifically for the last 18 days of each season. During that time, after each of the other four organs performs its role in the respective season, the spleen becomes especially active in production of ki, blood and fluids in order to distribute them to the liver, heart, lungs and kidney.

It is also said that the spleen is located in the center because of its central importance.

 Since spleen produces the blood and fluids it governs the flesh. People whose flesh is flabby or flaccid tend to present with spleen deficiency pattern as well as people with chronic illnesses with decreased function of their internal organs.

The spleen controls the lips, since they are made of flesh. Constitutionally people with big, red lips tend to present with spleen deficiency heat pattern, and those with small pale lips tend to present with a spleen deficiency cold pattern.

The four limbs contain an abundance of flesh. Therefore, complaints of lack of strength or emaciation of the four limbs indicate spleen deficiency. The four limbs should be strong if there is plentiful production of ki and blood.

Sweet foods tonify the spleen. In acupuncture treatments I often consider using corresponding earth points, for example, the earth point of the liver channel in case of liver deficiency with a cold pattern that manifests a lack of liver blood.

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Metal Element that refers to metallic objects. It corresponds to the direction of west and the season of autumn.  Autumn (or evening within a single day) is the time when things gather, pulling their energy in, and concentrating it. Leaves fall and crops ripen ready for gathering.  Animals prepare for hibernation. In the autumn the hair and the skin shrivel, because of the effects of the withering ki of autumn.

Autumn is associated with the Lungs, colour white, a fleshy smell and a pungent taste. The corresponding grain and fruit are rice and peach.

La Phyto Autumn facial (Metal Element)

La Phyto Autumn, white clay facial, detoxifies and purifies all skin types in autumn, while providing it with the essential oils of lemon, thyme, niaouli, and eucalyptus with rejuvenating, antiseptic, antibacterial action to help cellular regeneration and oxygenation.

Follow up by the autumn rice moisturizer with rice bran extract, essential oils of eucalyptus, thyme, and ylang-ylang to improve the skin’s lymphatic and venous circulation, as well as cellular regeneration.

The ki , blood and fluids are sent throughout the body by the circulation of lung ki. The lungs govern the skin, nose and body hair. The yang ki and lungs ki activate the opening and closing of the pores, for the process of thermoregulation. The skin and the hair as the most superficial parts serve to wrap up the body. The lung desires the functional property of gathering since it can be regarded as having the function of wrapping up the body.

The body is protected from external pathogens by closing of the pores. On the other hand if the pores close and the lung ki is not diffused, yang ki will not circulate through the body, or it will stagnate in one place, creating heat, but small amounts of  spicy (pungent) food such as garlic, wasabi, curry  and ginger, can improve the circulation and release of ki. The lungs also control body hair. For example, individuals who have constitutionally weak lungs and who tend to be cold have an abundance of body hair.

The internal surface of the trachea, nose, lungs, mouth, esophagus, stomach, intestines and anus as well as the inside of the bladder and uterus are related to the lungs. If yang ki does not circulate due to lung ki deficiency, then yang ki does not circulate inside these areas either, which leads to them to become chilled. On the other hand, if the heat in the lungs increases, heat stagnates in these areas as well. For example warming the skin and hair causes hunger, because it improves the circulation of the lung ki, which in turn invigorates the yang ki inside the stomach. On the other hand, overeating when one has a cold causes a stuffy nose and more fever.

Grief is emotion that injures the lungs. When the lungs are diseased the emotions that manifest are grief and sadness or idle complaints.

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Water Element refers to all things in liquid form. It corresponds to the direction of north and the season of winter. Winter is the time when things hide, and the condition of being hidden is a quality of the water phase. It is associated with kidney, colour black, a rotten smell and salty taste. The corresponding grain and fruit are beans and chestnut.

La Phyto Winter facial (Water Element)

La Phyto Winter, black clay facial - detoxifies and purifies all skin types in winter, while providing the marine sediment extracts and essential oils of juniper and eucalyptus with their antiseptic and antibacterial qualities. It invigorates and replenishes the skin with deep down moisturizing marine silts to reveal a brighter, more glowing complexion.

Follow up by the winter moisturizer with buckwheat, ginkgo leaf extracts, and avocado oil to deeply hydrate and nourish the skin and improve it’s tone. It also helps protect the skin against the harshness of the winter.

Chapter 8 of the Ling Shu (circa 200 BC) says, “The Kidney stores the essence, and the essence houses the will”.

Will is the power to continuously do something. Young children cannot concentrate on a single matter for long, since their kidneys are not yet physiologically firm. People who are constantly Kidney deficient seldom complete goals. It is said that power to persist and persevere is found in the kidney essence. The emotion possessed by the kidney is fear. People who are easily scared and frightened tend to be kidney deficient. Children are easily scared and frightened.

The kidneys work hard during the winter (and during the nighttime within a single day). The winter is the time to store- as in storing up for the winter. It is the time when everything is concealed, under cover. Since the kidney is an organ of abundant Yin ki (Kidney stores the fluids) it is best for it to slow down and remain resting quietly in order to prevent the depletion of the body fluids.

The kidney controls the bones and bone marrow, two lower orifices and hair on the head. The ears are also controlled by the kidney as well as the heart.

The bone marrow is connected to the brain, so the brain should also be thought of as being controlled by the kidney. The fluids moisten the blood and are essential for the bones and bone marrow to properly function. The bones dry up and are easily fractured if there are insufficient fluids. Osteoporosis is said to be a result of a lack of calcium, but from the perspective of oriental medicine it is caused by kidney deficiency. Likewise, cases of hernia with low back pain always involve kidney deficiency.

The water inside the bones is heated up when there is an outbreak of heat due to deficiency of fluids. If this condition becomes severe the brain is also heated up, which tends to result in dementia.

 Deafness can develop due to raising heat to the heart and up to the head, because of the insufficiency of kidney fluids (yin). Also balding and having white hair often are caused by kidney deficiency.

The kidney desired saltiness so that it does not become too chilled and too firm with fluids. Saltiness works to maintain the proper level of fluids. The functional property of saltiness is softening of hardness that was solidified by water. As an example, if salt is sprinkled on fresh radish or shredded cabbage, water will be drawn out and it will shrivel.

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Warning: some of the essential oils are contraindicated during pregnancy.

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