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Joanna's Holistic Facials

As a qualified aesthetician Joanna often treats not only facial problems such as acne, rosacea and oily or dehydrated mature skin etc, but also she uses her skill as an acupuncturist to address the underlying condition: the core of the skin problems. Her holistic approach addresses the whole person, treating not only the symptoms but also the cause of the problem.

According to Chinese Medicine the pathways, through which the life force energy flows, are called Meridians and the energy is called ki. In her experience she has found energy (ki) imbalances of liver, lungs or stomach Meridians are often associated with skin problems.

The obstruction of ki flow in Meridians can unbalance the body systems and internal organ functions and can manifest in facial aging, sagging skin, wrinkling (deficiency condition) or acne (excess condition).

Joanna's futuristic, natural approach to enhancing body, mind and soul was born out of the desire to develop a combination of techniques that can be integrated to enhance and boost the life force energy (ki) flow throughout the body and specifically in the face.

Joanna provides step-by-step techniques, which can be used to balance the flow of ki and blood in the face. Her energy balancing methods aim to unlock the power of the body's natural healing forces, allowing the body, mind and soul to balance and heal.

She often prescribes Chinese herbal formulations to support the treatments and advises on diet and lifestyle practices.

Prior to any facial you will receive a professional skin diagnosis and consultation as to your individual needs and concerns.
These unique facial treatments are offered to you in a tranquil, relaxing environment with the sound of a running waterfall in the garden, with dimmed lights, soothing music and aromatherapy, while you lie on our specially designed flexi-bed with gentle anti-stress massage.

Joanna's Essential Facial
Consisting of six distinct stages: cleansing, exfoliating, facial spray, brief massage, mask and moisturizing.
A necessity!

Allow 40 minutes. Cost: $ 58.00

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Joanna's Deluxe Facial

  • facials Steam / ozone therapy.
  • Brush machine cleansing using gentle cleansers.
  • Exfoliation to remove the dead cells using peeling creams or enzyme fruit mask.
  • Vacuum suction to remove impurities from the skin.
  • Facial spray of gentle scent toner to balance the pH level of the skin.
  • Serum and cream mask to nourish and revitalize the skin.
  • Face, neck, shoulder and décolleté massage to relieve stress and tension.
  • Hot or cold towel compress with essential oil blends to suit your mood.
  • Mask to tighten the pores.
  • Moisturizing to rehydrate the skin giving you a luminous glow.

Spoil yourself!

Allow 1 1/4 hours. Cost: $95.00

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Joanna's Luxury Facial
Incorporating all the steps of the deluxe holistic facials with intense age defying algae mask preparation combined with essential serum infusion to suit individual needs, with the addition of microcurrent to lift sagging muscle, or laser treatment to rejuvenate the skin. The luxurious Heliabrine foot pampering adds the final touch to this delightful facial. Foot pampering includes :exloliation, reflexology massage, peppermint foot mask, hot towel and application of antifatique foot cream.

You deserve the best!

Allow 1 3/4 hours, Cost: $145.00

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Joanna's Lymphatic Facial (cupping)
Prior to this treatment Joanna incorporates herbal detoxification with a stimulating facial mask. The lymphatic facial releases congestion in specific “neurolymphatic reflexes” along the stomach and gallbladder meridians and helps to eliminate impurities from the body and face. This facial is effective for puffy eyes, swollen face, blemished or acne skin and can be beneficial for decreasing post surgical swelling and bruising. Can be combined with one hour of Lymphatic Drainage Computerized Air Pressure Treatment for the best detoxification and healing experience.
Stimulate and clean out!

Allow 1 hour. Cost: $85.00

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  • Breathing of pure oxygen with aromatherapy blend of your choice (20 min.)
  • Customised energy balancing scalp massage.
  • Surrounding sound bath with Tibetan singing bowls and tingsaws to balance the chakras energy
  • Eye treatment for significant reduction of wrinkles.
  • Hand treatment including cleanse, exfoliation, massage & mask.

These enhancers are $ 30.00 each

La Phyto “Season” Aroma-Clay Facials

La Phyto “Season” Aroma-Clay Facials based on five Chinese Seasons: Spring, Summer, In -Between Season, Autumn and Winter.

La PHYTO is a French skin care laboratory pioneering the introduction of algae and colour clays and has based its method on the theory and philosophy of Chinese medicine.

Each LA PHYTO product is made from 100% natural active ingredients:  clays, algae, grains, trace elements, phytoplankton, essential oils, plant extracts, cereals etc..... treating the cause of a problem - not the symptoms - by stimulating the body's own energies.

Allow 40 minutes. Cost $58.00

Please click here for more detailed information on La Phyto Facials

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