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Recover acupuncture for chridren

Acupuncture for Children

Cost: $40.00

For children especially, complete health care is vital to a healthy and happy early life.
Joanna uses a specific massage called the General Whole Body Treatment using special Japanese pediatric tools.

She has been teaching mothers these massage techniques to use at home.

The General Whole Body Treatment can be beneficial for:

Night crying, indigestion, diarrhoea, nasal catarrh (usually chronic from repeated colds or allergies), bronchial asthma (extrapolated from these allergies), asthmatic bronchitis (extrapolated from catching colds all the time) tonsillitis, parotitis, bedwetting, stammering/stuttering, weak constitution, nettle rash and some chronic locomotor problems.

Joanna also specialises in paediatric Toyohari hands-on pulse diagnosis, healing techniques. She uses a variety of non-inserting needle techniques that aim to balance the child's pulse and relieve the distressing symptoms.

Joanna creates a child friendly atmosphere in her clinic.

(Previously Joanna specialised in early childhood education and has had 6 years overseas teaching experience).

19 Swinburne Street, Lutwyche. Phone (07) 3857 5722

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